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Run Functional Tree
Game Version:The Sims 2



This primitive provides a way to run one of the main functions within the game that an object provides. It is often used after running Find Best Object for Function [0x000E] which has the effect of setting the object that it found in the Stack Object variable. You can set an object you know has such a function into the Stack Object variable yourself prior to running this primitive instead if you wish.


Object Functions on a counter

The functions in question are all shown in the Object Functions(OBJf) of the object you want to run them against (the OBJf has a number of other functions as well as the ones you can run in this way). In general (as in the example) these functions are provided with an Action BHAV and a Guardian BHAV. You can choose to run the Guardian BHAV only by selecting the bit that controls "running check tree only".


There is no instruction wizard for this instruction, so the following table details the meaning of each of the operands.

Operand editing
Operand Description Operand Values
0 Function 00: prepare food
01: cook food
02: flat surface
03: dispose
04: eat
05: pick up from slot
06: wash dish
07: eating surface
08: sit
09: stand
0A: serving surface
0B: clean
0C: garden
0D: wash hands
0E: repair
0F: restock
10: wash clothes (unused)
11: message handler
12: pre route
13: post route
14: goal check
15: reaction handler
16: along route callback
17: awareness
18: reset
19: look at target
1A: utility state change
1B: global awareness
1 Unused
2 - bit 1 Controls change icon off: False
on: True
2 - bit 2 Controls passing parameters from calling tree off: False
on: True
2 - bit 3 Controls running check tree only off: False
on: True
3 thru 15 unused


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