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These functions serve as the base upon which all other instructions are built. They are the core commands that are built into the game engine, and cannot be viewed or edited. Primitives can be called from any SimAntics procedure using the OpCodes listed below. Many of these instructions have an instruction wizard (InstructionWizardIcon.JPG) to assist with programming the instruction.


0x0000: Sleep
0x0001: Generic Sims Call
0x0002: Expression
0x0003: Find Best Interaction
0x0004: ~(old)Grab
0x0005: ~(old)Drop
0x0006: ~(old)Change Suit
0x0007: Refresh
0x0008: Random Number InstructionWizardIcon.JPG ****
0x0009: ~(old)Burn
0x000A: Tutorial
0x000B: Get Distance To
0x000C: Get Direction To
0x000D: Push Interaction
0x000E: Find Best Object for Function
0x000F: Break Point
0x0010: Find Location For
0x0011: Idle for Input
0x0012: Remove Object Instance
0x0013: Make New Character
0x0014: Run Functional Tree
0x0015: ~Show String
0x0016: Turn Body Towards
0x0017: Play / Stop Sound Event
0x0018: ~(old)Relationship
0x0019: Alter Budget
0x001A: Relationship
0x001B: Go To Relative Position
0x001C: Run Tree by Name
0x001D: Set Motive Change
0x001E: Gosub Found Action
0x001F: Set to Next
0x0020: Test Object Type
0x0021: Find 5 Worst Motives
0x0022: UI Effect
0x0023: Camera Control
0x0024: Dialog
0x0025: Test Sim Interacting With
0x0029: ~(old)Set Balloon/Headline
0x002A: Create New Object Instance
0x002B: ~(old)Drop Onto
0x002C: ~(old)Animate Sim
0x002D: Go To Routing Slot
0x002E: Snap
0x002F: ~(old)Reach
0x0030: Stop ALL Sounds
0x0031: Notify the Stack Object out of Idle
0x0032: Add/Change the Action String
0x0033: Manage Inventory
0x0034: ~unused (TSO)
0x0035: ~unused (TSO)
0x0036: ~unused (TSO)
0x0037: ~unused (TSO)
0x0038: ~unused (TSO)
0x0069: Animate Object
0x006A: Animate Sim
0x006B: Animate Overlay
0x006C: Animate Stop
0x006D: Change Material
0x006E: Look At
0x006F: Change Light
0x0070: Effect Stop/Start
0x0071: Snap Into
0x0072: Assign Locomotion Animations
0x0073: Debug
0x0074: Reach/Put
0x0075: Age
0x0076: Array Operation
0x0077: Message
0x0078: RayTrace
0x0079: Change Outfit
0x007A: On Timer
0x007B: Cinematic
0x007C: Want Satisfy
0x007D: Influence
0x007E: LUA
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