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Create New Object Instance
Game Version:The Sims 2


This primitive allows you to create a new instance of a particular object, by providing the GUID, inside the simulation from SimAntics. It is essentially the opposite of Remove Object Instance [0x0012].


There is no instruction wizard for this instruction, so the following table details the meaning of each of the operands.

Operand editing
Operand Description Operand Values
0-3 What to create GUID of object instance to create (see Operand 5 - bit 3 - not used if Operand 5 - bit 7 or bit 8 are set)
4 Controls where to place the object CreatePlace
00: in front of Me
01: on top of Me
02: in My hand
03: in front of Stack Object
04: in Stack Object's slot 0x0000 (see Operand 9)
This still puts the newly created object in the Stack Object once it's all done
05: underneath Me (walk-over-able objects only)
06: out of world (put new object id in Stack Object)
07: below object in Param 0
08: below object in Local 0x0000 (see Operand 6)
09: next to Me in direction of object in Local 0x0000 (see Operand 6)
0A: in user defined slot of object in temp 0
5 - bits 0-1 Controls the creation of the object 00: Create object normally
01: Do not duplicate object
02: Transfer current stack object to new object and put My object id in Param 0
03: Invalid
5 - bit 3 off: Use provided GUID
on: Neighbor in stack object
5 - bit 4 Controls "fail if tile is non-empty" off: False
on: True
5 - bit 5 Controls "pass Temp 0 to main" off: False
on: True
5 - bit 6 Unused?
5 - bit 7 Uses My temporary token instead of GUID
5 - bit 8 Uses Temp 0x0000,1 instead of GUID
6 Local variable used for CreatePlace: 08 and 09
7 / 8 Unused?
9 Slot number used for CreatePlace: 04
10 - bit 1 Controls "move in a new Sim" off: False
on: True
10 - bit 2 Controls "copying design mode materials from object in Temp 5" off: False
on: True
11 thru 15 Unused?

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