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Game Version:The Sims 2



This primitive is to allow your Sim to pick up and put down objects. You can provide animations to make the grasping of the object look appropriate for the object, there are certainly plenty of existing animations that would probably work fine for many things. It is also possible to use "none" instead which is always worth trying prior to searching for an appropriate animation in case it looks good enough.


There is no instruction wizard for this instruction, so the following table details the meaning of each of the operands.

Operand editing
Operand Description Operand Values
0 thru 2 Unused?
3 The Object to be used. The choices are any of the many variables and attributes that are part of SimAntics. Where the variable type can have many of them, e.g. Local variables, operands 4 and 5 give the low and high order byte respectively.
4 & 5 Variable number used for Object
6 Slot number
7 & 8 Unused?
9 - bit 1 Slot number provided in Temp 0x0000 off: Slot number is in Operand 6
on: Slot number is in Temp 0x0000
9 - bit 2 Handedness off: --
on: handedness is in Temp 0x0003
9 - bit 3 Controls "use Sim age to pick object Anim" off: False
on: True
10 Action to be taken 00: Pick up: Object
01: Drop onto: Floor
02: Drop onto: Object
11 & 12 grasp animation number or 0xFFFF for "none"
13 & 14 object animation number or 0xFFFF for "none"
15 Unused?


I have never been successful in getting a Put Down action to work to put an object back into the same slot in the same object that you just picked it up from. Best alternative is to use Run Function Tree (0x0014) with a function of 'flat surface'. See the example below.


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