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This primitive satisfies wants/fears for sims.


AA aa aa GG GG GG GG BB bb bb CC cc cc tt xx xx

AA - Is the data owner where the recieving sim is contained

aa - Value of the data owner where recieving sim is contained

GG - GUID of want/fear to be satisfied

BB - Data owner where the subject(sim or object) is stored

bb - Value of the data owner where subject is stored

CC - Data owner that holds the level of the want(like careers,or skill levels)

cc - Value of the data owner holding the level of the want

tt - Want types

  • 0 - generic
  • 1 - sim
  • 2 - object
  • 3 - ?(seems to also be objects)
  • 4 - skill
  • 5 - career

xx - unused?

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