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T2suggas is a fansite offering 100% free downloads for female sims. The creator, t2suggas, makes new meshes, and often teams up with Judfer of Sims 2 Noir for projects, with Judfer providing the textures.



T2suggas contains clothing for female sims, including adult everyday, adult formal, and teen everyday. It also contains a set of eye recolors.


T2suggas is a married mother with 4 children. She started playing Sims early 2006, and since has become addicted. She likes to read the forums of various Sims sites. She is a member of a vast majority of forums, under the username t2suggas or tIIsuggas. She supports 100% free sims sites, and she is a Chartered Federated member of The Federation of Free Sims Sites. She is very interested in the creating side to Sims2, and has learned how to do basic mesh editing, thanks to Tiggerypum and Hystericalparoxysm at MTS2.

Terms of Use

Mesh may be included with recolours.

T2suggas has an open recolour policy, you may recolour and post anywhere, except:

Paysites and/or donation sites that deny access to files until you have paid. You may upload to any site with a donation scheme, that is on a voluntary basis only, and all their files are free.

Please do not steal their work and claim it as your own.

Please give credit back to the creators of the project, thanks.

Judfer and T2suggas would love to see what has been created using their downloads, please contact them to show off your work.

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