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Completely Decoded Files

ATC - Animation Texture Collection

AVP - Animation Viewpoints

BMP - Bitmap

BSPEC - Bridge Length Specs


Delocalizers - Text De-Localizers

DBDF - DBDF Compression Directories

EXMP - Exemplar

FSC - Freshness Scores

FSH - Franks PC Shapes (Textures)

HIT - Hitman

HLS - Hitlist

ID - Radio ID

INFO - Album Info Files (.info)

INI - Initialization Files

JPEG - Joint Picture Expert Group images

LDAT - Lot Data

LTEXT1 - Language Text (LTEXT)

LUA - LUA Programming Language

PNG - Portable Network Graphics images

RULE - Network Rules (Simple)

SC4Path - Simcity4 Network Paths

S3D - Simglide 3D

SGR - Simcity Graphics Rules

TAB - KeyCFG Accelerator Tables

TGI - Type Group Instance

WAV - Wave Audio

XA - Maxis EXtendable Audio

Incompletely Decoded Files - See FormatsStatus

AB - UDrive It Audio

AE - UDrive It Settings

CFG - Simcity4 Startup Config

EFFDIR - Effect Resource Tree

MAD - EA MAD Video

TLO - Track Logic Object

TRK - Track Definition

UI - Maxis User Interface Definitions


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