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S2C RP Characters - A

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Gender: None
Age: None
Class: Henchmen
Level: N/A
Birthplace: Factories
Weapon: Large Assualt Rifles/Heavy Machinery
Armor: Thick Bullet Vests
Stats: N/A
Skills: Highly Trained SWAT
Equipment: N/A
Description: Large, 6 Foot Tall, Armor Clad, Black
Bio: The AGROnauts are the underhands, and the soldiers who support the Imperial Axis. They are well built, highly trained robots, hellbent on performing whatever task given to them. They are under the direct command of Archimedes, followed by his fellow villains. Nothing keeps these troops from completing their task. They all have the same protocol programed inside of them, and act as a singular body.
Other: Imperial Axis Henchmen

Played by: Infernal



Gender: Male
Age: 36
Class: Thug/Supervillain
Level: N/A
Birthplace: Poland
Weapon: Superpowers/Small Knife
Armor: None
Stats: N/A
Skills: Can Uproot Redwood trees, throw buses, cause huge waves up lava, etc.
Equipment: N/A
Description: Albion
Bio: Archimedes was born to a Polish family, living in deep poverty. He was always tormented over his looks, and one day, he finally snapped. He had practiced his powers before, but never knew he could kill his entire class with them. Archimedes soon learned to throw buses, uproot trees and use them like bats, and even cause huge waves of water. When he found out about the powers of the Angels, he immediately began the Imperial Axis, to accumulate a force strong enough to fight back. In his genius, he also designed the AGROnauts, and elite squad of heavily trained robots, able to do his bidding at will.
Other: Leader of Imperial Axis

Played by: Infernal

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