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S2C RP Characters - E

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Edwina Artois

Gender: Female
Age: 34
Class: {{{Class}}}
Level: n/a
Birthplace: Provence, France
Weapon: pistol, sabre
Armor: n/a
Stats: n/a
Skills: talented swordswoman and markswoman, can fly a zeppelin
Equipment: n/a
Description: ?
Bio: "I have recently returned from a voyage to Araby, where I was assisting several gentlemen with their inquiries into matters of a supernatural nature. To my knowledge, their mission was unsucessful, but then, I have never been particularly interested in the occult. My passion is adventure, the discovery of virgin territory and the thrill of danger, and I daresay I have become somewhat well known as a capable explorer. I can pilot a zeppelin, shoot a pistol, and hold my own in a swordfight, among other things. While I may not be the scientist you desire, I am more than able to ensure the safety of any expedition. In my proffession, there is a rather low life expectancy, and the fact that I am 34 years of age may be the best indicator of my skill. In regards to my personal demeanor, I am afraid to say that I can be quite gruff at times, and there are those who would label me as one who does not know her place in society. I am not content to cower behind the men of this world, and I regard any woman who does so as a discredit to her gender. However, I will keep my own council and not threaten the expedition with my views, which are somewhat unorthodox I must admit. Nonetheless, I will not be pushed aside should danger threaten."

Other: Part of Steam and Ether.

Played by: Julieth



Gender: Male
Age: 23
Class: Hero
Level: N/A
Birthplace: Kuwait
Weapon: Superpowers
Armor: None
Stats: N/A
Skills: Human Mimicking, Talk to Animals
Equipment: N/A
Description: Human
Bio: Essa was born to a rich family. He was forced to leave his country after the Persians attacked Kuwait. He discovered his powers when he was franticly searching for his cat after the war sirens went off. Essa saw his cat huddled under a table. When he rescued him he began to hear someone talking to him, with a strong Persian accent, he started to freak. He only stopped when his cat scratched and that's when he knew that he could understand animals, oh and the fact that his cat was Persian. He now lives in Jerusalem. He has yet to find out his main power.
Other: Leader of Aligned Powers

Played by: Black_Barook!

The extirpator.jpg

The Extirpator

Gender: Male
Age: 23
Class: Thug/Supervillain
Level: N/A
Birthplace: Marina, California
Weapon: Superpowers
Armor: None
Stats: N/A
Skills: Psyionic Blasts/Levitation
Equipment: N/A
Description: Human
Bio: Raul Perez was born in Marina, California to an average middle-class family. As a child he was very intelligent and spent much of his time reading. His grades were initially very good. However, after a while he became the target of much name-calling and bullying. He rarely spoke and was constantly called a nerd. On the occasions that he did speak to defend himself, the other children heard his soft voice and started calling him a faggot. He fell into depression and the name-calling continued, sometimes escalating to mean-spirited pranks and even physical abuse. His grades dropped and his anger rose. He began to resent the world and everyone in it. After years of being called gay, he himself started to lose his hold on gender identity, and because he was called a nerd he began to assume that identity, relying on intelligence as an emotional defense mechanism: "They are worthless. Why should I care what they say? I'm smarter than them!". One day, at age 14, someone spit bubble gum into Raul's hair. A small crowd of people gathered to laugh at him, and of course he cried. With a scream, Raul focused his mind on the boy who had hurt him even as his mind raced through thousands upon thousands of rampant thoughts. The other boy suddenly felt his head hurt. The pain continued for several minutes, increasing with every second. Eventually the boy passed out. He never woke up. Raul knew he had killed the other boy, but he was not satisfied. Killing one person wasn't enough. The desire for more plagued him for years, driving him to madness. Five years later, it became too much. He kidnapped a high school senior and murder her in his bedroom, tearing her dead body limb from limb, mutilating her body beyond recognition, and then incinerating her shredded remains. Still not enough... Why!? He needed more. More than destruction. He needed to remove all traces of his foes from existence. His foes were the human race. He dawned a Godsmack T-Shirt to symbolize his literal desire to smack God for creating such vile creatures and assumed the name of The Extirpator to reflect his desire to completely remove the entire world from existence. He knew he couldn't do that alone... but perhaps with the Angels? The Extirpator's powers are based entirely on thought. The more complex and precise his thoughts, the more damage he can to to his enemy's mind. He cannot read minds or move anything with his mind other than his own body, which he can make levitate.
Other: Part of Imperial Axis

Played by: Egyptian Shinobi

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